Decentralized Web Hosting

Runkod provides decentralized hosting platform and management tools for modern javascript applications and static web publishing.

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Why you should use Runkod?


Completely free services and hosting, powered by Blockstack. Runkod offers handy tools for you to quickly deploy decentralized applications.


Runkod works on top of Blockstack's high-performance storage system "Gaia". It is decentralized and gives you full control of your data and storage.


You can create as many projects as you want. No bandwidth limits. We believe in being open and unlimited. No more limitations and hidden fees.


Straightforward and intuitive user interface. Developers can setup and upload their decentralized applications with a click of button.

Instant SSL

Even SSL certificates are completely free. Whether you are using a custom domain or not, ssl certificate for your website is ready within seconds.

Open Source

All Runkod code is open sourced on Github under MIT licence. Feel free to view code and let us know your feedback.

Get Started


For app publishers, Runkod is just an easy way to host their apps. For techies, Runkod is the next Cloudflare enabling decentralized storage.

Friedger Müffke
Software Engineer

Runkod is super easy to use. Looks like magic to me. I am so happy to find a free and decentralized hosting solution for my next projects.

Uğur Erdal
Frontend Developer

Having all tools to deploy my apps for free is awesome. I'm looking forward for more features from Runkod. I see Runkod is creating future of hosting.

Steven Jankowski
Frontend Developer